Merry Christmas everyone…

Bonjour à tous . C’est Noël yeaaaah.

J’espère que vous passerez une belle journée et que vous aurez une belle pensée pour tous ceux qui n’ont pas la chance d’être entouré et de recevoir de l’amour, tendez la main autour de vous.

Spread love, it’s all about that today.

Je ne sais pas ce que vous avez demandé au Père Noël mais moi je lui ai demandé de l’immatériel*.

Oui, tout ce que je veux pour Noël est …

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Careful what wishing for…

There is that one quote that says this: “Be careful what you wish for: you might just get it.”

Sooooo true.

In the list of what this last year has taught me, I couldn’t help but mention the fact to be careful in what I am wishing for…

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MY end of year Playlist…

Here are some songs (Gospels but not only, my favorite Christmas song and also a song that make me think of my half) on which i would like to put an emphase on this last days of the year.

Enjoy 😉

Bonjour les cocos. J’espère que vous allez bien.

Les chansons de fête passent déjà en boucle un peu partout dans la ville.

Et moi, j’aime me concocter ma petite playlist un peu plus personnelle; plus profonde* que les sons usuels de cette période.

Ce sont des chansons qui m’ont marqué toute l’année pour une raison ou une autre et que j’adore écouter pour me souvenir.

C’est parti…

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Grateful i can blog in english (or me stepping out of my comfort zone #1)

If this year has been one thing for sure , it’s challenging.

And one i am taking lately in the year but not the least is me blogging in english.

Am so grateful I have the opportunity to blog…in english!

For those wondering* why this is a big deal for me: I am a french born speaker.

Well yeah I’ve studied English at highschool etc but still not evident.

English is a language that I love sooooo much. I think I easily express my point and feelings etc in english.

To come back to my post, I’ve been blogging for four years now and I just can’t explain the pleasure I feel everytime I click on « publish ».

Giving life to my thoughts trough my posts is a wonderful feeling.

For four years now I’ve been thinking about many things for this blog and one of them was to be able to post in English. Lire la suite

Grateful for my supportive entourage… (and for the « haters »)

Am not really a fan of that word « hater ». But truth is not everybody like us in life so yeah am gonna use it here.

Actually am not the type to surround myself with many people. I think that is energy draining and I don’t need that: I just don’t have the energy to wonder if this person really likes me or etc and deal with people humours and all it can bring.

I can adapt myself in an environment full of people if I HAVE TO but never* on my own.

So most of the time i will just deal with « my people ». Those person I can trust aka my family and my bestie and very few people I can count in one hand.

Why? Because it’s already hard* for people who love you to trust and support you in your path to succeed your dream so guess what it takes with people who doesn’t really love you and who are just expecting the moment the can point out your failures.

Also because I strongly believe our entourage act (in some big way) in how our life turns to so it’s good to choose them wisely…

Bref, as the title says it: today I am grateful for my supportive entourage and the haters.

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7th December: Grateful for ME…

I can hear Some of you saying « oh how egocentric of her », well no I call it self loving.

To take time and be grateful for myself is a good thing.

I mean, sometimes I can be so hard on myself, I don’t know if I take enough time to tell myself how proud I am of me and how grateful I am to be the me I am.

I don’t know if you are understanding me but am getting myself 🤣.

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Blogmas day 6 : Grateful for all the « retrouvailles » i made this year…

Those who knows me, knows how much i get emotionnal and all during this time of the year.

Like everyday i feel so happy and blessed that i made it this far in the year.

Everybody was not that « lucky ».

Well today am grateful for all the reunions i made trough the year. Lire la suite